Album Review: Jeremih – Jeremih


Def Jam’s latest artist Jeremih has just released his debut self-titled album Jeremih. The singer got hi sbreak into the world of music maybe 3 months ago when his now hit single Birthday Sex began to catch fire on the airwaves. The song has gone on to peak @ #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart & #1 on the Billboard R&B chart.

The Album Review

That Body – The first song on the Album is “That Body” a synth filled, furturistic sounding R&B song with heavy moracon sounding drums, claps and sexy playful lyrics. The song is your typical lets hook up after the club, i’ll buy u a drink song, but it’s good.  “My Body All Over Your Body” the song Screams The-Dream and im not sure if he wrote but if he did im NOT suprised.

Birthday Sex The albums first single is the next song on the line up. I like the song even though it took me a good month before I get into it. personally I love the “Dont tap out fight until the end” part lol.

Break Up to Make Up The 3rd song is very different sounding the first two, it has an organic yet typical bass filled sound. Once again i am Soo hearing The-Dream in this song. The mid-temp song speaks on why break up when we always just get back together.

Runway The 4th song from the album is Runway, the  beat and clap heavy song speaks of a woman who know’s she’s the shit and uses it especially while walkin on the runway. This song is definetly good for the gay clubs, which dont help the rumors about his sexuality lol.  He plays with his upper registry a lot singing in about an octave higher than usual. The synths close to the end of the song are hot.

RaindropsThe song is cool,  filled with drums and claps not my favorite on the album but it’s cool. And Um he raps on the end of the song and its not even mentions Rihanna’s hips  & lips (Crush Maybe). And there’s a girl moaning at the end..OK..Lol.

Starting All Over – Ok, so i know about 6 peopel who have already sent me this song like OMG it makes me feel some kind of way. In this song he reminds me of a young Stevie Wonder mixed with India Arie.  The song is the first song that inst synth filled or beat riddled, its about his harmonies and i’m guessing would sound great live. He really showcases his good vocal ability and I am definitely pleased with the lyrical content and over all song.

Imma Star (Everywhere We Are) A swagg filled, brag heavy song where he let you know he’s a star. Its a playful bass heavy song that is supposed to be the next single.

My Sunshine – The song is a melodic drum & synth filled mid-tempo ballad that I really like. He once again uses his vocals to play with arrangment of the song. He speaks of having his “Sunshine” gone and just wanting to hold, touch, love & see you again.

Jumpin A autotune filled, clap and bass heavy club song. Its a really hot where he once again plays with his rapping again which once again I dont mind because its Hot. The song talks about finding the right girl to “Fill His Appetite” but the party is so jumpin that no one wanna leave. I can definetly see this played in the clubs and bumping in the car.

Hatin’ On Me A drum filled song where he brags and claim “You might like Ne-Yo but Im the one” the synth and drum filled song is hot. He says stuff like “Please dont step on the gators” & “Go One and keep hatin on me so I can wave High to the haters”.

Buh Bye –  The albums ends with Buh Bye, this song speaks of Jeremih and his girl growing apart and not really wanting to be apart of the relationship. One minute they love each other the next he wants to say Buh Bye but he looks into her eyes and he cant. A beat heavy and guitar tinged song it is, but once again its HOT.


The album is HOT, I would definetly adise you to buy the album if you love a mix of  R&B, Euro-Pop, Soul & Hip Hop. The most surprising thing to me is that the young Mr. Jeremih Felton and his friend/ record Executive Mick Schultz wrote and produced the WHOLE album. I know, I know..I myself swore he worked with The-Dream but i’m guessing that Jeremih & Mick just took inspiration from the hottest pop-savvy R&B producers running, including Tricky Stewart, Carlos McKinney, Danja, and Timbaland, he supplies his partner with a set of backdrops that covers all the bases, from low-slung Southern trunk rattlers to glossy Euro-flavored pop. I would give the album 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Pics & Interview of Jeremih below!


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